Let’s talk about my 30 plants lmao.

Six months ago I went to the plant store and bought my first plant. You can tell things escalated a bit. I thought I would walk you through all of my plants and some hot tips if you want to get one (maybe not 30 like me lol).

The first plant I got was a pothos. Super pretty and really easy to take care of. If you are just starting out the easiest plants to care for are ZZ plants, snake plants and pothos.

Plant displays! I love a plant stand, it makes the plant look more concrete in the location. I also love a plant shelf. I’ve started hanging plants from the ceiling with little hanging plant hooks, they are so easy to install and the plants look so cute.

My favorite plants are my string of pearls (I have two) and my string of bananas (also have two). I love trailing plants and I just think these are so pretty.

I have a few of the “trendier” plants lol. My fiddle leaf fig and my monsteras are very popular. I got my Fiddle from a DC plant store. It was damaged from the cold and so they gave it to me for 20 dollars. Its massive and now it wont stop growing lol. Monsteras are pretty simple, they like lots of light and water.

Let’s talk about light. I have three grow lights that help my plants that don’t get as much as they should. Grow lights give plants supplemental light they aren’t getting from the sun. Good solutions if you don’t get a lot of natural light.

Here are my top tips if you are thinking about getting plants:

  • Lack of light is almost always the problem. If you plant is yellowing or droopy or dropping leafs it’s probably not getting enough sun. Plants need SO MUCH SUN to thrive as well as when you bought it in the store. Move it closer to the window or get a grow light!
  • Water less. I only water most of my plants once ever 12 days or until the soil is completely dry.
  • Boutique plant stores are expensive for no reason lol. I’m going to link my favorite dmv plant stores at the end. But there is really no advantage from buying all of your plants from little leaf.
  • ALWAYS pot your plants in pots with drainage holes, and then just sit it in the decorative pot of your choice.

My favorite plant stores in the DMV are Ginko’s Gardens for best overall, great selection reasonably priced super nice staff and good planter selection, Little Leaf for a curated collection with really trendy options, and Merrifield Garden Center for best plant selection and largest amount of choices


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