New Years Resolutions

2019 was split into two incredibly different halves for me. The first 6 months of 2019 were celebratory! I had secured a job that at the time I viewed as the best possible opportunity for me post grad. I graduated from GWU a place that I was kind of eager to leave behind. I also had the most amazing boyfriend who I could see all the time AND a job that I loved with people I loved more.

Then June came and nearly all of that was gone in one way or another. The job that I thought was the best opportunity for me was not quite what I expected. My boyfriend moved and we started long distance (honestly though thats actually going really well haha we chillin), and I was left with a lot of regret about leaving a job and a team that I loved for a seemingly better opportunity.

Some pics of me before work lol

The only thing that I was still confident in was that I was beyond happy to be done with GWU lol.

With that being said I have to say a big thank you to my mom, for listening to me complain, and cry and make excuses for the last 6 months about my unhappiness. A true MVP.

But something happened in November when I new I had to make a serious change. So I decided it was time to leave that seemingly perfect job out of college, to take a risk and begin a new adventure at a new hotel.

Some pics of me before work lol

So i’m starting this new year completely fresh! I have a new job, i’ve made some new friends and I truly have the most supportive family and boyfriend in the entire world. This is all a very corny way to say that I am so happy and so excited to a whole new chapter and a new year.

Wow, that was a very long intro, just to get to my resolutions lol. Here we go:


  • Run a half marathon
  • Workout three times a week
  • Get one of my splits
  • Go to yoga twice a month


  • Eat vegetarian twice a week


  • Go to a broadway show
  • Visit a new state
  • Go to a new Disney park (preferably Tokyo)


  • Read one book a month
  • Knit two projects


  • No plastic water bottles at home
  • No more non reusable coffee cups
  • No more plastic cleaner bottles
  • Limit fast fashion purchases
Some pics of me before work lol

So there you have it, I was sad now i’m not!

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