What I Used to Wear to Work When Work Was Something I Went to Everyday (which is lowkey crazy to imagine now lol)

I was just sitting back reminiscing on the days when I used to get ready and go to work, and take pride in the way I looked. How silly lol. But I did have a lot of outfits and I thought it would be SO MUCH fun to round them all up.

I am so glad we are all collectively bored enough to enjoy this. Let’s get started.

This was a look, for so many reasons: one my dress is so cute, two it felt like pajamas and three my braids were so cute

A different pose, also notice the NO PLANTS

This was such a good day because I was tan and well moisturized and I learned a low bun was cute
Also this was a summer of rock and roll so I am pretty much rock and rolling in every photo, partially for the love of rock and roll and partially because I needed a drop of serotonin to get me to go to my job and get yelled at by strangers

You cant see my outfit fully in either of these but I promise you it was so cute, also the high bun is a look but my head hurt all day.

Also summer so also rock and roll told you.

I mean. It speaks for itself. Also did I wear these allbirds everyday????
Like this is probably my best outfit I own. My mom bought it for me from club monaco and I appreciated it greatly because I really liked to serve looks but I was also balling on a budget
This was cute but also why did I not wear heels? Like I know why, because I literally sprint around hotels for a living but still in the name of fashion
This is cute in an amish way hahah. I don’t really know what I was thinking when I literally wore this in AUGUST. It’s all good though still fun still fresh
I literally got dressed in the bathroom of my hotel for work because I was supposed to be off this day, and it makes me giggle because I look so happy but I was actually internally screaming.
I loved this LOOK. I thought it was such a cute dress, now looking back I am like hm maybe not, or like maybe I could’ve run a comb through my hair idk. Hi Bronwyn good to see you!

So thats that. Am I ready to wear pants again? Maybe. Am I ready to return to my new hotel? Absolutely. The wild news is that at the new gig we can wear jeans as managers which is a game changer. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for fashion, my love of allbirds, and the fate of human kind.

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