What Have You Been Up To?

Obviously things aren’t normal at the moment. If you didn’t know I work in hospitality and the hotel that I work at had to close due to Covid. Im extremely fortunate to still be working a few days a week on projects until we can re-open, but that still gives me a wild amount of free time.

If you’ve been following for a while or you actually know me I am notorious for keeping myself ridiculously busy. This has been the most free time I have had since my freshman year of college. I just thought I would share what i’ve been doing for the last few weeks to not go insane.

***If you have come up with anything good to do during quarantine please tell me lol I am unwell***

1. Trying New Recipes

Like everyone else I have been quarantine cooking lol. I have tried so many recipes just to stay entertained. My absolute favorite was these waffles. I am notorious for using box waffle mix (I kinda thought everyone did) and this is just so much better its really upsetting because it does take a lot more work.

I also enjoy going on Instagram and Twitter every 15 minutes xoxo

2. Playing Old Online Games

I saw this article on Buzzfeed that showed all the games you can play online from your childhood and I am just a little obsessed. I really can’t describe to you as someone who was 10 and OBSESSED with Toontown how funny it is to play again.

3. Walking

I really am not in the mood to exercise at all because everything is terrible and summer is canceled anyways. So instead I have been going on ridiculously long walks. Most of the time I listen to the entire Hamilton soundtrack but if you are particularly inclined you could do a book on tape it could be a nice moment for sure.

4. I Have a S*** Ton of Plants

As we all know I have a ridiculous amount of plants. I already have my hands full keeping them all alive so its been nice to be able to spend more time on them. Repotting and trying new things. If you have a local nursery a majority are doing curb side pick up or local delivery. No better time to become a plant parent. Also follow my plant insta if you want more plant content or you want to know how not to murder your plants OR if you are just loyal @plantedbyt.

5. I Scroll Through Home Listings

In another life (or maybe this life) I would love to flip a house. I am obsessed with renovations and I ideally like to do the work myself. I am very handy lol. I go to these classes at Home Depot that like teach you how to instal light fixtures or patch drywall and I really enjoy it. I want to buy a house so badly just to fix it up haha. ANYWAYS I like to scroll through Zillow to look at houses because I think it’s fun.

I am sick of paying rent xoxo

There are a lot of things I read online but at the moment i’m reading Cup of Jo, Domino, and Carly the Prepster.

I like art and will probably paint today. I ordered a water color set so i’m excited about that! Basically I am trying to just chill but I really wish I could go back to work and go outside guilt free and be regular, but for now everyone needs to stay home and mind there own business because it is a privilege to be able to do so xoxo.

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