How I Planned my Spring Break Packing List

If you would’ve asked me a few weeks ago what my plan was for Spring Break, I would’ve said nothing. Well after some intense planning and interesting circumstances and generous backers (thanks mom!), my friend Lauren and I are headed to Jamaica. I can’t wait to share the trip with you but, before I do, I thought I would share exactly how I pack! This list is specifically for Spring Break but the system can be applied to any trip. It helps me prevent over packing (which I am always trying to do)!

1.) Make a List

The first thing I do I make a list of all the activities I am doing each day. It helps give me an idea of how much I need to pack and what kinds of things to pack. Also, because of this blog, I have a bit of an extra step here to decide if I want to take blog photos, because in that case I like to have a couple options. I typically put all of this into a word doc that is broken down day by day, like this:

2.) Look Through Your Closet

So, after I have an idea of what kind of outfit I want to wear everyday, I will go through my closet and see what I actually have and what I don’t. If I write on the doc I want to wear a white sundress and I don’t have one then I will put it on the buy list! Typically I see myself needing, a new shorts, bathing suits and cover ups.

3.) Deciding How Many

This is where people really start to overpack. If you wrote down that you need a cover up and a bathing suit everyday, that doesn’t mean you need 7 of each. I usually use the rule of 3, one to wear, one to dry, one just in case. This has always worked for me! I never have felt like I don’t have enough.

4.) Start Packing!

I like to use packing bags like these from Amazon! They make it really easy to keep track of your stuff and stay organized. I also have a pre-packed travel kit that you can read about here! It makes it so easy and quick to pack.

5.) My Buy List

Here are all the items on my buy list. They are so cute, stay tuned to see me wearing them in a week!

There you have it, can’t wait to show you more!

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