Disney Reunion~ Part One

So we (Sav, Hayley, Bron, Leen) all met up and got back to Disney this summer! So much fun. I am still coming to terms with the fact that I am not going back for the fall. Like not to be dramatic but the concept of missing Food and Wine is tearing me apart. But I know that there is so much construction and crap that is not going to be done until the 50th so I am not panicked. I think this will be like a three part post because I don’t want it to get to long but just know, we start in a really good place and I ended in the hospital so stay tuned!

Also just because I am so happy about these changes I want to talk about some Disney news:

  • ILLUMINATIONS IS ENDING. I don’t even understand Illuminations, I really was not a fan and Epcot is my favorite park lol. Epcot deserves better!! But I swear to god if we get some horrendous water show like Rivers of Light i’m going to riot. I can’t stress to Bob Iger enough that Disney World needs World of Color!!!!!!!!
  • Move it Shake it is allegedly ending. I could do without it. I love a dance party but I literally hate that song. Anyways…
  • Toy Story Land opened! Yay! It was fun. It’s super cute. There will be pics in this series.
  • Dining Plan has Alc!!! This is lowkey stupid but ok. Like in what world is a milkshake equivalent to a marg??

Ok now that I have gotten out my emotions lets talk about the trip!

We stayed at Coronado. I have never actually stayed there but I did work there a few times during my program so it was weirdly familiar. I also am super excited to see what happens when they open that gigantic tower they are building. I have a feeling when it opens that Coronado, the new moderate DVC resort (tentatively called the Riviera), and Caribbean beach post refurb, will be a new category of Disney Resort. Like a more expensive moderate but not quite deluxe. ANYWAY. It is a super nice resort and I am a big fan of the gigantic pool (especially when I don’t have to guard it). 

The one thing I want to note is that this hotels gym was so nice! Hayley and I went and were lowkey shocked. So after we got there we spent the first day literally just eating at Disney Springs and resort hopping. We all love blaze pizza, not as much as Sav but like, we like it. So we went there.

Then we went to the poly for dole whip and then to the contemporary where we literally went to the 10th floor of Bay Lake tower, and looked out of the window and watched Happily Ever After. For an unknown reason Bron has the entire Happily Ever After soundtrack on her phone and we managed to get it perfectly in sync with the show which is slightly alarming. Overall it was a super fun day.

(photo of us watching HEA through a window, precious!)

So this is where I am going to cut it because it is going to get a bit long but stay tuned for a recap of us drinking around the world in Epcot, a weird day at Animal Kingdom, a quick trip to Toy Story Land, and of course a pit stop at MK!

ALSO Bronwyn makes vlogs and if you’re curious what its like to go to the parks with us watch this lol:


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