Am I an Adult? Probably Not lol


Hi everyone! Been a while. I don’t know why I keep dropping off, there was a period of time where I looked forward to writing blog posts everyday, but a lot happened all at once and I just didn’t want to anymore lol. I kept saying oh i’ll start in August, oh i’ll start in September, and then I was like forget it, I will start when I have something to say. This morning I read this blog post from Carly, and its purpose was certainly not to make people start a blog, but for some reason her honesty set off a reminder that I still had things I wanted to share. So without being dramatic I am back.  Now we can start. 

I can’t really share my thoughts on this topic without giving you a little bit of background. I started a full time real adult job about 6 months ago (typing that felt so weird because I feel like I started that job yesterday), I work 40 hours a week, wear a suit and have health insurance, the whole adult thing BUT… I still go to school full time and take classes and live super close to campus and still kind of do the whole senior year of college thing as well.

So I honestly feel like I am living a double life. Over the summer it was easy. I didn’t have class, most of my friends from GW were out of town and I just kind of fully immersed myself into my new adult life. I made new friends, I went out to different places,  and kind of got a new life and I loved it.

Now school has started so I spend half of my time with my GWU friends who for some reason have started to seem younger and younger, and half of my time with my work friends who seem like they know waaaaayyy more about life than I do. Its not that one is better than the other, its just that I don’t think that my work friends would recognize college Taylor and I don’t think my college friends would recognize work Taylor.

It is so weird. To have two completely different lives, with entirely different responsibilities, happening in my life simultaneously. I don’t want it to change because I like both of my lives right now, but it is exhausting to live both at the same time.

So I feel like a partial adult. Kind of the same way I felt when I was working at Disney, like I had this adult job that had real responsibilities, but I also knew that I had to go back to college and that was kind of looming over me the whole time. (It also wasn’t nearly as dramatic because at Disney everyone acts like they are 13 anyways)

I think a lot of people think the hardest part of managing both of these things would be having enough time, but really its the social aspect. Keeping up two entirely separate, equally taxing lives. Tricky.

Anyways, if you made it to the end of this rambling mess you get an update on the blog. I think i’m going to start off where I left off, I have a ton of footage from a Disney trip I took in July with my pals, a bunch of stuff from the summer, a trip to New York, a lot of crap from around DC, some GWU stuff, and some new job things, so I am going to start from the beginning and go from there. As I am typing this, it feels really good to be back.


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