Finding Your Niche

Whenever I read posts from other bloggers on how to expand your blog, or expanding your audience or getting brand collaborations they all kind of say the same thing. You need a niche. Oh and trust me I spent WEEKS pouring over my content trying to figure out if it was tailored enough, if it fit into a nice little category and, spoiler, it was nowhere close. I thought about it for days, should I focus my content more on college, view everything through the lens of a college student? Should I write more about Disney, since those are the most popular posts? Should I focus on Fashion and Beauty, Travel, Reviews?!? The list went on and on and on.

What I couldn’t shake was the fact that there are bloggers who already do all of those things. That dominate each of those areas and without really giving up on the other topics I am interested in I couldn’t really attempt to do it better. Thats kind of when I had a realization. When I started this blog almost a year ago (insane) I wrote in my bio “Ms Taylor Phillips, finally a place where I can talk about myself non-stop”, the niche of my blog is something that no one else has. My life.

Yes it may be a bit all over the place and sure it may prevent me from getting certain sponsorship opportunities, but I didn’t start this blog to make money and get free stuff. I started it because I was a college student who was spending my time doing 45 things for other people and nothing for myself. I started this blog because I missed having project of my own. It has become something I can work on when I feel burned out from homework, internships and work. Blogging helps me keep track of everything I do in my life.

I never would’ve thought when I started this that it would be at the level it was today or that people would read it at all. I don’t really intend on changing my content or finding my niche. I live a unique life, in a unique place, with unique opportunities and that is what I want to share with the people who follow along. You never run out of content when you are writing about you.

It takes a a lot of work to run this blog and what would that be worth if instead of posting what I want, I posted what I thought would get me the most views. Anyways this kind of turned into a rant but basically what I am saying is my niche is my life and I don’t have any plans to change that.

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