My Not-so-Perfect Night Time Routine

I wish I had a night-time routine. It is so hard to do the exact same thing every night but I have read that having a good night-time routine can ensure a better nights sleep. I also feel like whenever I read bloggers night-time routines it sounds like this:

8:00- I begin slowing down, I listen to classical music and do light stretching

8:45- I put lavender essential oils in my diffuser and meditate

9:00- I eat 3 almonds and sip two tablespoons of lemon water

9:10- I take a relaxing bath with 3 bath bombs and 6 different La Mer products

10:00- I read the bible and relax in bed

10:15- I fall asleep immediately and with ease, I never wake up during the night and I start my morning wide awake at 5am with Yoga and overnight oats

That may be a slight over reaction but essentially I think that is what I have read. So I thought I would share what my real night-time routine looks like.

8:00- I get home and realize that I am really hungry and forgot to eat dinner

8:30- At Whole Foods trying to figure out what to eat

9:00- Finish eating and get back to my room

9:10- Decide I should probably take a shower

9:45- I usually do a face mask and try to drink water because I hadn’t all day

10:00- Get in bed and begin binge watching Netflix (sometimes its The Office, right now its Grey’s Anatomy)

12:00- Realize it’s midnight and panic, try to fall asleep

7:20- Wake up exhausted because I don’t have a night-time routine

I wish I had a good routine I could follow. I am really trying to eat dinner at regular hours (think 6:30), but it’s hard! Sometimes I have class until 3:15 and I don’t eat lunch until 4! It’s a tricky life, but it cannot be good for you to eat so close to sleeping. I also wish that I went to bed at the same time every night but it never works out. I think one of my new goals is to get this all figured out. Maybe in a few weeks I’ll have an updated night-time routine that sounds like the other bloggers! A girl can hope!

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