What I Learned When I Randomly Joined A Sorority ~ Part 2

Here is the second part of the series what I learned when I randomly joined a sorority! If you missed part one you can read it here! People join sororities for a bunch of different reasons. Some join because they want to have a group of girls that are close to them, some join for the support system that a sorority provides, some join for internship opportunities, and some join for the events!

All of those to me are completely valid reasons to join a sorority but I do think there are a few wrong reasons to join a sorority and I thought I would list a few of them for anyone who is considering joining a sorority!

1.) Because all your friends are

Ok, so I want to specify that this is not a bad reason to rush (it’s the reason I did!) but if you get to the end of rush and didn’t feel a connection to any of the sororities. Or don’t think you would like any of the activities that sororities typically do, then being in a sorority may not be for you. Even If everyone that you rushed with all ends up in the same sorority, you don’t have to join the same one or one at all! It’s not necessary and you’ll be happier in the future!

2.) To meet guys in frats

I sounded stupid just writing this, but I am sure that there are girls who joined sororities for this reason. Even if you do not join a sorority you will still meet plenty of guys. Some of them will be in frats and some of them won’t!  You can still get into frat parties and meet guys even if you aren’t in a sorority, especially at GW. You will become unhappy in your sorority if that’s the only reason you joined, considering you arereally signing on to hang out with 150 girls not guys.

(Here’s a photo of me with some boys I probably still would have met regardless haha)

3.) To get the name

If you are choosing your sorority based on the reputation on campus, don’t. I really don’t recommend going on websites like greekrank before you rush, but if you feel like you have to don’t take it too seriously. I didn’t even know greekrank existed when I rushed so I was clueless, but I get that you might want to do some research before you rush. Just don’t start to predetermine what sorority you want to be in before you even give the other chapters a chance. Choose your chapter based on what you hear at rush not what idiots say on greek websites.

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