The Story Behind~ This Picture

This is going to be a quick story of how this photo came to be! I love this story it was such a funny moment it really managed to make my walk back to the hotel a lot more interesting!

Today I will be telling the tale of how this photo came to be. We were walking back to our hotel after my brothers graduation dinner. I am so excited because I just got a new camera so I have been forcing my family members to take pictures of me. One of the most willing participates in my narcissism is my Uncle Troy.

Disclaimer: My Uncle Troy occasionally gets me into predicaments, he makes me talk to strangers or encourages me to pose for photos in the craziest ways (they always turn out to be the best photos) So when I saw him stop these two skate boarders on the side-walk I wasn’t that surprised.

But then my Uncle asks them if they want to take a picture with me. Now at this point I realize that this is about to be really funny because I think they are totally going to say no and keep it moving.

But they were both SO nice! They agreed pretty quickly but that is not where it ended. My Uncle then started to ask them to pose. He said “can you put your skateboard above your head” and the guy was like “ya like this?”. Totally nice, I still can’t believe that he took direction so well.

Honestly the picture is really cute and I think that it was really awesome how nice these guys were to family in a kind of ridiculous situation.

So that’s how I got this picture with two skateboarders I don’t know and if you somehow know these boys please show them how nice the picture came out!

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