I don’t wear a lot of makeup unless I have time to. It’s not because I don’t like make up, honestly I think I look a lot better with some concealer and mascara but I just am always rushing and never have time. So I try to focus more on skin care. My routine is extensive but I think the most important parts are: not putting your face directly into the shower stream, always moisturizing, and washing morning and night. If you are interested in what I do everyday then keep reading!


Every morning I start off by washing my face with Caudalie foaming facial cleanser($). This is my favorite cleanser for the morning because it isn’t super heavy and when I wake up in the morning I know my face isn’t that dirty, I don’t need a heavy cleanser.

I follow that up with my moisturizer. I have tried a ton of different options for a face moisturizer but my top 3 are: 

My last step in the morning in my Caudalie beauty elixir($$) it honestly doesn’t serve a purpose but it smells nice and makes me feel like I’m at a spa.

That’s all I do in the morning it gets a bit more excessive at night so stay with me.


I’m a night shower person, so this is my first tip. Do not stick your face directly into the shower stream!!! It’s really harsh and I just think it rips the layers of skin off your face. I still wash my face in the shower though, I’m just really extra. So hears what I do step by step.

Step 1: I use Alchimie gel cleanser($$) cleanser at night. It is so refreshing and really makes my skin feel clean without making it feel dry.

Step 2: I cup the water in my hands and splash it onto my face. This sounds so stupid when I type it but it is what I do.

Step 3: I exfoliate. I use Alchimie refining face scrub($$). I use it once every couple of days, it smells great.

Step 4: I rinse. Sometimes I will use a little more gel cleanser to get off any residue.

Step 5: Once I get out of the shower I let my face air dry and moisturize. The only difference from the morning is eye cream Caudalie eye cream($$$).

Step 6: I spritz with my beauty elixir.

Step 7: Mask.


I use a ton of different masks but here are a list of some of my favorites and a brief description of what they do.

If you want to try some of my favorite products than I would recommend this set, its 39 dollars and I use every product that comes in it. So that’s my entire routine. If you have any questions (I don’t know why you would) leave it in the comments and I will answer if I am not sooooo busy.

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