Life Update

Wow. I cannot believe that I started this blog almost 8 months ago. It seems like it was two minutes ago that I was on vacation in California coming up with this idea to start this blog. I remember thinking, is anyone going to read it? Is anyone going to care about my thoughts on fashion, or Disney or whatever I decided to write about that day? Honestly I am still not sure. Its weird because I can see that people are reading my blog so I know that it’s being seen. But I guess I just hope people are enjoying it and not just mindlessly scrolling through. Well other than that here’s a few updates on me:


1.) School. I start school up in January and right now I am kind of looking forward to it (I know that will change the minute someone tries to make me take a test). I am also still kind of figuring out the housing situation for next semester so thats a little stressful. I know it will all work out though so im not to worried


2.) Disney. I got a new job! I got a role change to Front Desk so now I work at the Front Desk of the Boardwalk Hotel. I love love love it. It is a little bit stressful at times (you have to know an insane amount of information) but it’s really rewarding and I have learned a lot.


3.) Future. I feel like I am finally starting to be able to narrow down what I want to do in the future but it is still really hard. I have a wide variety of interests and it is just tough to try to pick one area to concentrate on. Hopefully I will have it all sorted out by the time I finish up this year. Maybe that will be one of my priorities in 2018.


4.) Blog. I think I have been producing a really constant level of content and I am really proud of that but I am also ready to kick it up a notch in terms of quality. I don’t mean that I am going to spell any better or correct all of my grammar mistakes, but hopefully I will have some new ideas that will take this blog to the next level.


Do you have any updates?

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