Podcasts That I Love

I constantly am listening podcasts, everyday all the time. Now that I have a car that just means that I have more opportunities to listen to podcasts. I have a lot of people ask me for podcast recommendations so I thought I would write about some of my favorites!

Pod Save America~ So this is a podcast about the government and news, the people who run it are liberal but I think they are very fair and also hilarious so even if you are conservative I think that you can definitely get something out of listening to it. I also love and listen to the other pods that the guys are a part of, Lovett or Leave It, Pod Save the World ect.


Missing Richard Simmons~ This is about fitness class legend Richard Simmons who abruptly left the spotlight after seeming to love it. Its told in a story format and you can listen to every podcast one after the other. It’s so compelling I listened to the whole set in two days


At Home With…~ This podcast is a series of interviews with some very interesting people and they all take place in that person’s home. From Zoella (YouTuber) to Jo Elvin (the editor of Glamour UK) they have a wide range of really cool women to hear from. I always listen when I feel uninspired.


MouseChat~ Mouse chat is a Disney vacation planning pod. I seriously think this is such a niche podcast. Like if your obsessed with Disney news and maybe also obsessed with trip planning maybe you will like this but I’m not going to do a hard sell because you very well may think I’m insane for listening to Disney news pods.


Serial~ If you haven’t listened to serial you are missing out. Especially the first season (are pod things called seasons??? unsure.) Serial is what got me hooked on podcasts. 10 out of 10. Can’t really tell you what it is about without giving stuff away so just listen.


S-Town~ Same people who made serial made S-Town so I had to listen. Crazy, sad, odd story. It’s very alarming but also compelling. I really think that it appeals to a lot of people. It kind of reminds me of a book you cant put down.


Anna Faris is Unqualified~ So this one is like an interview style pod that is mostly Anna Faris interviews with people who are funny or interesting or odd. Sometimes I feel like these episodes are a hit or miss. It all depends on who is on the show, so read the description!

So those are the podcasts I listen to/listened to! Let me know if you have any recommendations I am always looking for new pods!


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