How To Ace Your Disney College Program Interview

This post has been long over due, I have so many tips and tricks to nailing your Disney College Program interview I have been dying to share. I actually remembered to write this post because my roommate Bronwyn from my DCP was applying for summer alumni and I started to remember all of the tips and tricks that I learned applying to the college program 3 times. So here we go!

1.) Be Yourself and Tell The Truth

Be yourself seems so obvious to me that I almost considered not writing it. But then I started thinking about it and I realized that people applying for the College Program often read tons and tons of blogs and watch a million vlogs to prepare for there interviews. Don’t get lost in what everyone else is saying and just be yourself. Answer the questions how you believe, not how some vlogger believed.

The second thing I think goes along with this is to tell the truth. They are going to ask you some questions and you may think “well this is what they want to hear”. But if you are lying to them, i’d like to think they can tell. For example during my interview they asked if I would be comfortable having roommates from all over the world. I easily could’ve lied and said “Yes, in college I have lived with girls from all over the world!” but in reality all of my roommates were from Jersey. I told them the truth and said that it would be really exciting to meet people from new places! So always remember, it is MUCH easier to tell the truth.

2.) Safety Trick

So I would really hesitate from OVER preparing for your interview. Of course you can have a few notes in front of you, but you really should avoid reading anything word for word. You might be wondering “well what am I going to do if I get stuck on a question?”, I have the ultimate secret for you. Disney’s number 1 priority is guest safety. If you ever get stuck on a question just root it back to safety they will love it!

3.) Smile!

A smile is contagious even through the phone. I smiled my entire interview. It changes the tone of your voice and makes you sound like a more chipper person. It’s the difference between sounding like a robot and like a person who is genuinely happy and excited to have the opportunity for the interview.

4.) Yes, It’s Disney But It’s Still An Interview

Yes, you are applying to work at Disney, but above all else this is still a job interview. Your interview could be anywhere from 8 to 30 minutes. If you want to take a couple seconds to talk about how much the company means to you, DO IT. But use the bulk of your interview to talk about prior experience and how it would relate to your potential job. I am not saying to avoid personal stories, just know that your time is limited and that everyone who applies loves Disney.

5.) Film It

This is my last tip and it may not be for everyone. When I applied for my third time I remember thinking back to my first phone interview and trying to remember what they asked me and what I responded. After your phone interview you may have a bit of a wait before you hear back either way (the first time I applied I went NLIC in a few weeks, the seconded time I got wait listed for months, the third time I got accepted after a month). It helped set my mind at ease while I waited to hear back to be able to go back and watch my interview to reassure myself that I did a good job. It helped me stay confident. So if you have a stellar memory and don’t think you’ll doubt yourself down the road, this may not be for you, but for me it worked really well.

So those are my top tricks for nailing your DCP interview. Do you have any tips for interviews? Let me know in the comments!


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