Disney Reunion~ Part 4

So here we are at part 4. So we obviously went to Magic Kingdom. I literally am trying to remember what we did but like right off the top of my head this is what I remember and I think that its so funny:

  • At the end of the night getting a caramel apple and waiting a ridiculously long time
  • Buying a new Mickey necklace after loosing my second one
  • Riding thunder mountain
  • Seeing Happily Ever After and think that I don’t know the next time I am going to see this show
  • Going to the Country Bear Jamboree and being absolutely lit because we got to meet them before the show

Literally thats all I recall. So I am about to txt my friends and see if I can get some more info lol.

One sec.

OK I remember now. So it all started when Colleen couldn’t get in the park lol. Ticket mishap. So after we all got in we literally did very little actual things. I didn’t even eat some of my favorite snacks (no breadsticks!)!!! We literally watched the country bears and laid on the floor.

We also saw the parade and it is still cute. It was so incredibly hot when we watched the parade lol. Flynn is such a hottie.

This is a sup par photo but Hayley and I always forget to take pics together so im throwing it in here.

Also the purple wall got repainted! So like half is this neat geometric design and then the other half is the regular purple situation.

So after all of that we obviously watched HEA and everyone else cried and thats it! After it was all over we took this like actually hideous photo (like please look at my neck I can’t even hahah)  lol and then left the park. 

Now the moment you’ve all be waiting for. So the next morning I wake up and im like “crap” my stomach hurts so bad i’m going to die. So I left coronado and went to celebration hospital where they told me some information i’m not going to share on the internet, but i’m fine lol! So then me and Leen and Sav went to Animal Kingdom Lodge and got a snack and fell fast asleep on the pool deck fully clothed. Woke up and then went to the airport!

So that’s the trip we took to Disney! So much fun. Still trying to finesse my way back for food and wine lol. Can’t wait to move back to Orlando with all my pals and live inside the castle suit!!!! xoxox

Here is Bron’s Vlog from the day:


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