A little recap

Lol so I was trying to figure out what to do with the rest of these pics because I didn’t want to not share them, but like there weren’t quite enough to make each one its own post so I just thought I would tie them all in together and share the stories behind the pics!

1.) Ok so both of these are from the Aphi pool party (I know, I know)! It was so much fun. Look at how nice and clean and not covered in ketchup my shoes are. Seriously such a fun party though with all my friends. Also I took my boyfriend which I just want to mention because the internet should know I have a boyfriend hahah (I am pretty sure he’s only with me bc I always keep my Brita full and he is ALWAYS parched).

2.) So like 2 weeks ago I got ridiculously sick. I actually can’t believe it lol and like as I am writing this I am still so sick. Hopefully I will get better soon because this is where I go to run stairs. Running stairs is such a good workout and the view is so pretty. I am a big fan. But I have gotten in terrible shape waiting to feel better but I can’t wait to get back out there.

3.) Went to a fun little brunch with Lauren and Taylor and took a quick pic after. I would say I wear a variation of this outfit every day. I also have a fake ponytail I like to slap on when I reallllllyyyy want to be Ariana Grande. Thank u, next.

4.) Me and Lauren and Emily were powerpuff girls for halloween! I think we put about two minutes of thought in this but if you know us these powerpuff girls we picked are very accurate lol. We looked pretty cute went out and had a decent time.  Not great, not bad, just ok. I think it is safe to say I am done with going out like that in college. I am just too tired lol. Speaking of which…..

5.) I AM SO TIRED. All the time. I have tried everything!!! Vitamins, a regular sleep schedule, and lots and lots of coffee but nothing works i’m still so so tired. It’s also so crazy because if I sit down or lay down for more than like 10 minutes I will fall asleep. It is the craziest thing. So if anyone has any suggestions PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

6.) I have recently been post grad employed!! I am so excited. I am definitely staying in DC for one more year and I am really happy. This pic of Mickey describes how I feel.

So just a little update. I miss you guys. Hopefully I’ll get some extra days off work and will be able to post more xoxo

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