Dear 16 Year Old Me…

(Chaelee and I during Homecoming week… Unsure whats happening)

I’ve been thinking about writing this post since I turned 20. I know it doesn’t seem like a long time ago but high school feels like it was an eternity ago. It is so funny how you spend every single day stressing about that stuff and then you graduate and I have barely spent 10 minutes thinking about a day in High School. But when I did here are a few things I would tell myself.

  1. Set your goals even higher.
  2. Get a 4.0, college is so much harder that you’ll look back and think “how did you not”.
  3. The girls that you think are “cool” will still be exactly the same in 4 years. It’s definitely not as cool now.
  4. Pay attention to things other than yourself
  5. He’s not the one.
  6. Neither is he.
  7. Neither is he.
  8. Try your best at everything you do and when you fail know it’s for a reason, you will be amazing!
  9. Don’t believe what people say, believe their actions.
  10. Don’t worry about those boys that were mean to you, they are still in Anacortes still doing nothing and probably still being rude.
  11. None of this matters. Even though that sucks to hear when you have to do it everyday it really doesn’t
  12. You will have some unpopular opinions. Don’t hide them. You are right, and a good judge of character.
  13. All the people who treat you badly now are not doing great today so don’t let them get to you.
  14. Play basketball, but don’t think your going to be a basketball player.
  15. Stop making fun of the cheer team! You’ll thank me later.
  16. You can be amazing at one thing or pretty freaking good at a lot of things but you need to choose.
  17. Hope, Tori, Sahale, Chaelee, Sidney, Brooke and Brenna are truly decent, kind, and funny people. Stop trying to be friends with people who are not.
  18. Some teachers will not like you. It’s ok.
  19. You will not get recognition for things that you deserve. It’s ok.
  20. Go to Cruisin more. It’s the only thing that you’ll miss.
  21. Get a job. It will prepare you for when you have two at the same time.
  22. Start a blog. I know you want to.
  23. Quit tennis, run track.
  24. You will accomplish every single thing you set out to do. With that in mind make your list of goals longer.
  25. You do not want to be a politician.
  26. Fail hard and fail often. It makes you a better person, and much more relatable.
  27. Be grateful for everything you have, you really don’t know how lucky you are.
  28. On that note, you are so lucky so really take some leaps of faith, I’m only 20 but so far so good!
  29. You are funny, I don’t know if anyone has told you that yet.
  30. In high school you spent so much of your time feeling like you were in a category alone. You were smart but not the smartest, you were athletic but not the most athletic, you were popular but not the most popular. You feel like this because you were alone at AHS, but when you go to college you will learn that there are people just like you everywhere and that’s where you will find a home and your people.

So that’s it, things I wish I knew when I was 16. High school for me was not a walk in the park but I learned more than most and for that I’m grateful.

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