DCP Recap

Ugh. I am so upset that my College Program is over. It was the most fun, challenging and difficult thing I have done in my life. I am not even sure how I recap something that was 7 months of my life. So I thought it would be fun if I just did a recap of the fun parts and told you the story behind some of the photos. I also plan on doing a recap of my job(s) and my classes I took, but I wanted to start here. So enjoy! 

This gorgeous outfit from my days as a lifeguard, my mom really wanted a pic of me in the costume and so I dragged Sav outside to take this great picture.

I love the 4th of July. I remember I made an extremely big deal that we all had to go to the beach. I think this was also the first time that some people called out for work, because we ALL needed to go to the beach. After this Bronwyn got burnt to a crisp and I am pretty certain that everyone had sun poisoning. Keep in mind we still didn’t know each other that well but Bronwyns back skin was pealing so bad that Colleen and Sav peeled it off and later had to VACUM THE COUCH. (fun fact this memory made me cry on the monorail on our last night because it was so funny)


Not sure why but we decided to take pictures with the people who were over 21 and under 21 and I still think thats comical. Also on this day my roommates got smoothies without me and had a conversation that changed the dynamic in the apartment forever lol.

It was my friend Madison’s last day at Port Orleans so I wanted to say goodbye and also I wanted some pics of me at my home resort so we did both! But half way through it started POURING rain. But at least the pics are cute.

Im still shook at how good everyones roommate gifts were. I really love how thoughtful everyone was and we had only known each other for 15 minutes.

This was the last picture we took before Hayley had to term. It makes me so happy though that we were all able to spend the day together. I still miss Hayley so much. She is really a wonderful girl and hopefully I will see her so soon.

So Bronwyn was taking pics of Colleen and I (we were actually trying to recreate a pic of Hayley and Colleen because we liked the lighting). This random lady was walking by and offered to take a picture of all 4 of us and she says “look at each other and laugh, these are the pictures you’ll cherish forever” I thought that was so funny at the time, but this is one of my favorite pictures of all of us and I am so happy that lady captured it.

We told Colleen to get in the wagon and I told her I would pull her around and the rest is history lol.

Bron and I had so much fun at the Halloween party. It was one of my favorite nights of my program! I was so happy when Sav got to join us but I wish that the whole gang could’ve made it. (I also think Bronwyn and I knocked the costumes out of the park)

So we wanted a group halloween costume and Sav and I decided we should do Riverdale. However Leen and Bron had never seen an episode. So funny that they agreed to do it without knowing anything about it. Well Colleen watched a whole season in 2 days but Bronwyn still hadn’t seen an episode by Halloween so she had no idea what was going on.

This was from the first day we all hung out. I loaned Bronwyn some Lilly and we went resort hopping. I still think some of the pics we got this day were some of the best of our entire program. I wish I could go back and tell myself that I was having one of the best days ever while it was happening.


I miss my pals and I miss Disney World. But I know we will have more fun times together.

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