What Not To Miss On Your Disney College Program

This is title is a little misleading because you do not want to miss these things even if you are just visiting Disney World as a guest! I can’t wait for my next trip to Disney (June???), in the mean time I will just keep talking about it every day like that annoying girl who just got back from being abroad in Europe. So here are the top things you do not want to miss during your DCP!

1.) Happily Ever After


How you could go your entire DCP without seeing the night time spectacular at Magic Kingdom, I am not sure, but I had to give it a shout out. When I was about to leave for my College Program I was so excited to watch Wishes! and cry about the impending end to my childhood. When I heard they were changing it to Happily Ever After I was kind of angry! I planned out this whole thing in my head and it involved watching Wishes!. When I watched Happily Ever After I loved it, especially Moana and the Pirates of the Caribbean parts, it’s an amazing show and it made my roommates cry every time.

*** The best place to watch it is to the left of the castle, not too close up or you wont be able to see the projections on the castle.

2.) Living With The Land

I’m not sure if I like living with the land so much because it rarely has a line or because I am obsessed with looking at tomatoes. Whichever proves to be true I just think everyone should ride this at least 35 times. 

3.) Animal Kingdom Lodge/Sanaa

Animal Kingdom Lodge is actually the best resort to hang out at. I actually stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge alone for 3 nights because I had nothing better to do and it was actually the best thing ever. I ordered room service, watched tv, sat on the porch and looked at giraffes, had a dragonfly fly into my room and I had a heart attack. Overall great stay. The best thing about AKL is the fact that you can go outside and look at a giraffe any time you want.

The second best thing about AKL is the bread service at Sanaa. Now Sanaa is a restaurant inside of AKL. They have really tasty food but they only thing that matters is the bread service. Its a bunch of different types of naan, with a bunch of different types of sauce. I really like the red-ish brown sauce and the one with huge chunks of garlic (I could find out the names of these sauces but I honestly think you will be able to find them quicker with this description).

4.) The Horses!

There are Horses at Disney that you can ride at Fort Wilderness. I went with my mom and dad when they came to visit, it is actually really fun but low key kind of painful. I would totally recommend it though. Also Fort Wilderness is a really random place on Disney Property, I got to work there for a week during my program and I sold people plots of Disney Dirt during the holidays. It is a really unique property with a lot more to do than people think!

5.) Citrus Swirl

I’m the first one to say that Dole Whip is the best thing to ever happen to me. I am also the first to say that if I am at Magic Kingdom and I have to decide if I want a Citrus Swirl or a Dole Whip I almost ALWAYS get a Citrus Swirl. My roommates do not share these opinions with me, but I still think everyone should try one. It tastes like an orange cream pop and I am a big fan. You can get them at Sunshine Tree Terrace in MK, if you are walking past the Magic Carpets of Aladdin it is right there on the left.


So there you have it! Some must do’s during your CP. Also I just want to take a minute to plug the fact that my roommate/pal Bronwyn is going back to Disney World for an Alumni Program and started a Youtube channel. So if you want to keep up with someone who is actually relevant you can follow her here!


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