What Ive Been Doing

**** The grammar in this post is so incredibly bad, I think it helps if you just read it in my voice that way you don’t need commas because you can just imagine where I would need to breathe lol good luck*****

I was going to jump back in with a bunch of posts but I thought I would start with an update on what i’ve been doing first so that we can get caught up on my life first because I know you guys care so much about my life.

1.) Idk the last thing I posted about was bid day and so much has happened but I guess a i’ll just start with school. So i’m all set to graduate in May! Im so excited to be done but like its also weird because after this i’m like done with school and it may be kind of odd. So thats pretty much it. School is kinda boring but I am excited to graduate (please don’t quote this when it is revealed that my mom spent 500000 dollars to get me into GW)

2.) Im moving! But like literally down the street. At the end of April I am moving away from campus (finally), to go move to Arlington and live out my suburban dreams and live near a Costco. I am not going to tell you exactly where because I watched “You” and I know I am a perfect target for a stalker. I’m really going to miss my apartment right now because its so cute and I literally hate moving but I can’t wait to get a new apartment and kinda live in a new area (I guess).

3.) Im also happy to announce i’m employed! I currently work at the Fairmont WDC which was so so so amazing and the people I worked with were truly my family and if I wasn’t just moving down the street I would be so sad leaving them! I have accepted an offer to work for Marriott as a Front Office voyager! I am beyond excited to start and i’m really excited for this opportunity to continue my career in hospitality.

4.) Everything is fine lol. Basically everything’s fine. Like everyone I get stressed about stupid stuff or stupid people but I am trying to chill and enjoy my senior year. I am officially done at the Fairmont beginning of April and I am starting Marriott in June so I have a couple months to just enjoy myself (I haven’t been without a full time job in college since Freshman year) and hang out with friends/boyfriend (really just wanted to throw in that I still have a boyfriend).

5.) I just discovered youtube? I literally just discovered youtube. These are literal children whose vlogs I watch idk. I love it though.

6.) More on this later but me Sav and Leen all went to Disneyland and I had so much fun and also we screamed so much and also it was cold. Probably have like 4 Disneyland posts to write but the bottom line is that the lifeguards wear black hats and no one cares that we worked at Disneyworld we literally had 0 clout.

7.) If you were slightly curious on why I don’t post as much as I used to, its just because I don’t want to lol.

8.) Im literally blonde now, I didn’t know I was going to be blonde but in all seriousness if you’re not blonde and living in Orlando by June 2020 you screwed up somewhere.

9.) I am so fit. Like literally so fit. I tried to be vegetarian and I lasted 4 days. I have no clue how you guys do it. I think I could be pescatarian so I am reverting to that. I wish I could describe to you how fit I am but I literally can’t just imagine someone you know who is really fit and picture that I am fitter than them. Like I can literally do a plank for so long. I can pretty much do a pull up, i’m just literally so fit. Anyways.

10.) I just want to tell you what I have been watching because I watch a lot of stuff. I’m obsessed with designated survivor its like west wing and scandal had a political baby. I’m obsessed with this show called Northern Rescue, its kinda corny but I cried at least 5 times but I would only watch it after 1AM so its tricky, honestly this show might suck I really don’t know.

Ok lovers thats all for today, I would probably stay tuned for posts on Disneyland and a few rants about things that upset me.

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