Top 5 Shows on Netflix

This is not something I am proud to admit but I watch an unhealthy amount of Netflix. It really relaxes me, even if i’ve already seen the show. Theres just something about sitting in your bed knowing you have nothing left to do, turning on some Netflix and watching a show. So I thought I would share some of my go to shows, incase you haven’t seen them or you want to go back to re-watch!

1.) The Office

I have probably watched the office 3 times all the way through. I just think it is so clever. So it is always at the top of my list when I just want something to watch in the background or maybe in shower. (does anyone else watch Netflix in the shower or is that just me? Probably just me.)

2.) Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is another one of those shows that if I just need to shut down and chill I can just turn it on and revel in the drama of the Upper East Side (which apparently isn’t even the rich part of New York anymore?? Can someone confirm?)

3.) West Wing

I am obsessed with this show and every time I watch it, it makes me want to work in politics. There is something about watching them walk and talk that gets me going.

4.) Riverdale


If you have been reading for a while this will come as no surprise. For Halloween last year my roommates and I all dressed up as the characters from Riverdale. This show may not be for everyone (my mom is not a fan), but I love it and I am just waiting for it to take a super natural turn.

5.) Master of None

Master of None is so much more than a TV show. Its like watching a bunch of movies. It is visually stunning and I just wish they could crank out episodes quicker. (Yes, I know Aziz Ansari is problematic person but the show is really good so idk, thats too much to dive into for this post)

So there you have it folks, my favorite shows on Netflix, what are yours?

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