The Best Cupcake In Georgetown

Heres the thing, I don’t really feel the need to argue with people about much, but if there is one thing I am willing to throw hands about it’s what is the best cupcake in Georgetown. I don’t know when this happened but cupcakes and Georgetown kind of go together, like peanut butter and jelly, La Croix and pasta, they go hand in hand. There are 3 major places to get a cupcake in Georgetown, Baked and Wired, Georgetown Cupcake, and Sprinkles. I have had cupcakes at all three of these establishments many many times. I already know what the correct answer is. Unfortunately my friends are idiots and disagree with me. So here is what we are going to do, my friends and I are going to go to all three cupcake establishments. We will get cupcakes at all three places, we will them ferociously judge them because thats why I started this blog to aggressively judge stuff.

Georgetown Cupcake:

If I had one recommendation it is to order your Georgetown Cupcakes online because that line actually sucks. But we were super lucky to walk right in, I love Georgetown cupcakes and I already know these will be my favorite. I got a chocolate birthday and a rainbow, Julia got a hummingbird and Lauren got a unicorn and lemon cheesecake. I think Georgetown cupcakes are the best for many reasons, the most important is that these are actually a cupcake. They are proper cupcake size and they do not taste like muffins. My friends think that they are a little dry, but like I said my friends are idiots.


Lauren: 4.2

Julia: 3.98

Taylor: 5

Emily: 3.48


Not that busy of a place. No need to pre order. These were Lauren’s favorite (until today lol), Sprinkles cupcakes are huge. They don’t have a ton of flavor options and idk why but if I eat a whole Sprinkles cupcake I feel disgusting. I think thats because they are actually just slightly smaller cakes and not a cupcake at all. I think this is the second best option to Georgetown Cupcakes.


Lauren: 4.0

Julia: 3

Taylor: 3

Emily: 3.67

Baked and Wired:

The line for Baked and Wired is usually on par with the line at Georgetown Cupcakes. I used to be a fan! I really did. I think part of that stemmed from the concept that Baked and Wired is like the cooler cupcake place. Its edgy and new and less touristy (even though now I think it’s equally touristy lol). It’s Julia’s favorite cupcake and that blows my mind because these things are muffins lol. If I had to get one my favorite is carrot cake.


Lauren: 3.7

Julia: 4.3

Taylor: 3

Emily: 4.7

So the bottom line is that it is a personal preference. I think if you prefer a muffin-like cupcake, then Baked and Wired. If you like a more traditional cupcake Georgetown or Sprinkles, but then again these are just cupcakes and I probably shouldn’t have put this much thought into this.

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