On The Job

Over the last 7 months at Disney I have quite a few stories from being a lifeguard to working at the front desk. So I thought it would be fun if I shared a couple of the more interesting ones. This is going to be a series called on the job, where I share stories every once in a while from my time at Disney!

Todays story happened in late November. I was standing at the front desk and I called over the next guest, it was a man in his 30’s and after I finished checking him in he told me that he should have a package at the front desk. I read the comments and see that the runner had already delivered the package to the room, usually thats not a big deal except he tells me that his girlfriend cannot see the package.

So I offer to run up to the room and bring it back down to the front desk. He says thats very nice but the package is worth a small fortune and he really doesn’t want it being passed around. So we come up with this plan that I am going to tell him that his room keys wont work to open the door and that I have to come up with them and use a master key to open the door for them.

I go up to the room open the door and run in. I find the package and its really big, like too big to just hide it behind my back. So I hid it behind the door and opened it for the couple, I then threw the package in the hallway and waited by the elevator for him to meet me.

He then tore open the package, handed me a whole mess of trash and shows me the most beautiful engagement ring. He was a really nice guy and I don’t know how the proposal went but with a ring like that I can’t imagine she said no.

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