I Want To Quit Instagram

Here’s the thing, there was a period of time where I was OBSESSED with Instagram. I wanted my feed to look perfect, I wanted to take the perfect photos and I wanted to make sure as many people as possible saw them. A few months ago I think I realized that I felt like I was doing this out of obligation and not because I actually LIKED to do it.

Everyones Instagram posts have started to look the same and I never really care that much about what people post because I can almost predict what it is going to be. It seems like everything on Instagram has become part of a scheduled routine and not an actual place to share photos.

The only thing that is really keeping me on Instagram now is this blog. I love this blog and a big part of blogging now is having an Instagram to go with it or at least thats what everybody says. I have a much larger following for my blog than my Instagram, so I don’t really know if its something I need to be doing.

Is it possible to run an blog without having an Instagram to go with it? Instagram just feels fake. I know its all fake because I am one of those fake people. I almost find it refreshing now when I see a picture pop up on my feed that are taken on a regular I phone (no portrait mode) without being heavily edited.

I don’t think I am actually going to quit Instagram. Maybe this is just a phase? But I need to find a way to make it more authentic because right now it is making me feel a bit like a fraud.

Do you guys ever feel like your posting just to post, and not because you actually have something you want to share?

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