Getting out of a slump- Part 2

Ok, so after a few days of de-slumping I have realized a couple of things that genuinely made me feel like I was snapping out of it:

  • I realized that the reason I felt so tired and gross was because I am 100% catching a cold! That was actually amazing news because I thought I was just lazy and boring but it turns out i’m sick! Which doesn’t seem like awesome news to most but to me it felt like I finally had a reason for why I felt so physically sluggish.
  • I needed to talk to my friends for a long time. I miss my friends, all of them. Whether that was a long txt conversation or a phone call it really made me feel amazing to hear from them. It is so easy to get swept up in your current life. It’s even easier when your best friends all live in different states than you. I just realized that it is important to know who your people are and to know that they have your back even across state lines.
  • I cleaned. Now here is the funny part, as I write this my apartment is a mess. But I did deep clean it haha. I vacuumed, swept, washed my sheets, did laundry, even moved furniture and dusted. It was immaculate! Until this morning when I decided to make a smoothie and a 4 course meal and now its a little trashed, but that’s ok I think it is more of a balance thing.
  • I did all my errands. I grocery shopped for more than just a day, I got my GI bill benefits worked out for summer, and figured out the rest of my schedule for senior (OMG) year. It feels really good to check all of that off.
  • I got my grades back. Honestly just feels good to have the semester over lol.
  • I got paid! I love my job it is seriously amazing, and it is just kind of a fun addition to the week when I get paid.
  • I slept for a ridiculous amount of time. I have had some late nights recently lol and for some reason I cannot sleep in past like 8:30 p.m. I really needed to take a few days and just rest. For the last 3 nights I have been sleeping for 10 hours and am not letting myself feel guilty about the wasted time. Honestly 10 hours of sleep a night rocks.

So I don’t feel like I am completely out of the slump yet but I do feel like I am out enough to feel good about my posts here. I have a whole line up of ideas and now after this break i’m excited to start! See you soon.

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