How I Stay Organized

A little life note~ It’s funny I wrote this post a week or so ago, and when I went to revisit it to post today I realized that I am posting about how organized I am in one of the MOST disorganized times in my entirety of college (haha). I just wanted to make sure everyone knows, I am a real person who is moving to Orlando (28 days!!!) while simultaneously going to class and ~attempting~ to live my regular life and it is going exactly how you would expect… madness. But I’m going to try to take some of my own advice tonight, and take some steps towards organization!

If there is one lesson that I learned from, Ada Polla, it’s to stop glorifying busyness. Sometimes in college (particularly at GW) I feel like it seems like a competition of who is busier! I constantly hear conversations like these:

Person A: “Oh my god i’m so busy I have a group project due on Monday, class until 2 and then work until 8:30”

Person B: “You don’t even know! I have two 15 page papers and then I have work until 7 and practice until 9:30!”

Person A: “Oh wow ya I have a paper due too, and I have to intern today so I literally have no time”

I have heard it all, and I am definitely guilty of doing it.

It’s hard for me to NOT talk about how busy I am, because I am busy! I have a job, an internship, cheer, sorority stuff and school! It’s a lot but I think there is a difference in telling people you can’t hang out because you are working, and getting in a competition with people about whose busier.

With that being said, I don’t want this post to seem I am bragging about my busyness but rather how i’m dealing with it. Now I will get on with it, I do feel like I have to stay really organized to live a sane life and here is how I do it!

Time your cleaning~

This is one of my favorite things to do. Sometimes I will come home and feel so overwhelmed with things to do, I have a paper due, I need to email 5 people, I need to start packing, whatever it is, and I don’t know where to start.

The best thing I can do when I feel that way is to set a timer. It could be for 5, 10, or 20 minutes as much time as you have to dedicate, and just clean as much as you can in that time span. Make your bed, do the dishes, Clorox wipe your desk, whatever you need to do! It’s really easy and always makes me feel less overwhelmed and I know I’ve accomplished at least one thing that day.

Keep a planner AND a calendar~

I have a planner and a calendar. Hear me out, I swear it’s the best way to always know how much time you have left in a week. In my planner I keep all my school assignments, every little due date. On my calendar I keep my work schedule, internship schedule, cheer schedule, and my travel dates. A calendar lets you see the big picture and keep things in perspective, whereas a planner is better at keeping track of things week to week, which is why everyone should use both.

Drop something~

When people say you can have it all that’s just not true to me. I don’t mean that to be negative, but if you feel overwhelmed you’re overwhelmed for a reason and most of the time it’s because SOMETHING NEEDS TO GO.

Personally, I gave up going out unless it was for a special occasion. I looked at my priorities and it wasn’t important enough to make the cut. I already didn’t go out super often and decided I could do without. The things I decided to keep were, CorePower classes, dinner with friends, both of my jobs, getting good grades, starting this blog, and cheerleading. None of those activities work super well for me if I stay out till 3 am on the weekends. I’m not saying everyone should stop going out! You decide what activities make the cut and which don’t, so you always have time to do what you love!

Check your priorities if you are feeling overwhelmed!

It is totally possible to go from being unorganized to organized. Really! Im a personal success story, my mom still doesn’t believe me. Changing this one aspect of my life has made me more efficient, a better friend, and I have accomplished so much more than I thought was possible!

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