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Comeback Kid

Soooooo I may have been a little MIA. But I did a quick redesign of the blog, which i will go over in a moment, and I also have some awesome photos to show from the time I took off! Spent this past weekend at Union Market with Julia and Lauren. I definitely had not…

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A little recap

Lol so I was trying to figure out what to do with the rest of these pics because I didn’t want to not share them, but like there weren’t quite enough to make each one its own post so I just thought I would tie them all in together and share the stories behind the…

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Central Park

When I was in New York for the US Open we also went to Central Park and I obviously made my family members take my picture. At one point she said “I can’t really get a lot of background” and I literally said it didn’t matter even though I was taking said photos in Central…

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Disney Reunion~ Part 3

Lol lets talk about Epcot. We went into it which such enthusiasm. We were all (almost all, sorry Sav) 21. We were going to drink around the world and hang out and live a nice life. Well Florida never lets us have that good of a time, so it rained. Like not even like a…

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The US Open

I almost feel like this is a lot of content but then I remember I used to post everyday like a crazy person. Ok so I am really jumping around in the timeline of my life. Like Disney literally happened a month before I went to the US open, like I went to the Open…

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Am I an Adult? Probably Not lol

*DISCLAIMER* Hi everyone! Been a while. I don’t know why I keep dropping off, there was a period of time where I looked forward to writing blog posts everyday, but a lot happened all at once and I just didn’t want to anymore lol. I kept saying oh i’ll start in August, oh i’ll start…

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